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Here to answer your questions!

  • Do your gummies contain artificial colours or flavours?

    Absolutely not! We only use natural flavours and colours.

  • Are your gummies gelatin or pectin based?

    Every consumer has their own nostalgic favourite — gelatin and/or pectin — and each of these have different textures and eating experiences. Valhalla gummies are formulated with gelatin, which offers a chewy, melt-in-mouth experience. Gelatin also allows for rapid release of flavour, broader flavour profiles, brilliant, almost transparent colours, and does not require sugar or acid to gel so lower sugar options are achievable.

  • What is CBN?

    CBN is produced when THC components found in the cannabis plant age and break down. This leads to the formation of a less potent cannaboid called Cannabinol, also known as CBN. Unlike THC, CBN produces little to no psychoactivity. CBN is known as a potential sleep aid, and produces greater sedative properties when combined with THC, and offers better pain relief reported when combined with CBD.


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