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Created with Consistency and Quality

Gain insight into how our gummies are made:

Valhalla gummies are crafted for consistency and quality. First, the sugar mixture is formulated and brought to an ideal temperature for our gummies to have the right consistency, chewy yet soft. Yum!

Next, we add the high-purity distillate, natural flavours and colour.
The gelatin goes through a process to effectively combine with the sugar mixture. The gelatine gets added, check!

Once the mixture is ready, it gets poured into our classic square molds. We use a depositor to ensure a consistent dosage into each of the molds.

The trays are transferred into the fridge to set and solidify. Once solid, our gummies are taken out of the molds and coated in a proprietary formulation to prevent them from sticking to each other and the packaging.

Valhalla gummies are now ready to consume. Enjoy!